Tips when choosing a fabric sofa set for the space


Advantages of Viet Products fabric sofas

Sofa is considered one of the indispensable furniture products in the living room space because of the comfort and aesthetics it brings. Currently on the sofa market are designed with many different designs and materials. However, the sofa with fabric cover from the Viet products brand always receives the attention and top choice of customers.

Picture 1. Orinoco 3 seater sofa

Tips when choosing a fabric sofa set for the space

A sofa in addition to creating a sense of fit and comfort for the homeowner, it must also bring a luxurious beauty to the living room space. Therefore, before choosing to buy sofa products, you should note the following criteria:

  • The size of the sofa must match the area of ​​the room
  • Depending on the different uses, homeowners can choose the right sofa types such as sofa bed, sofa 3 seats, 2 seats, single sofa, …
  • The color of the sofa must harmonize the overall color of the living room and not create a sense of eye when looking.
  • The chair and backrest of the sofa design need to be combined with many different foam cushions to provide good elasticity to the homeowner.
  • Each fabric material, each sofa design will be subject to a different warranty by the manufacturer. Therefore, before choosing a sofa, the homeowner should pay attention to the conditions, warranty, after-sales to ensure the best interests.
  • In addition, homeowners need to experience the reality, try sitting on the sofa at Viet products’ interior showroom system to make sure that the product will bring the most comfortable and comfortable feeling for them.
Picture 2. Orinoco 3 seater sofa

Viet products team.

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