Tips for choosing a beautiful modern sofa for a small living room

Tips for choosing a beautiful modern sofa for a small living room apartment building, tube house

Are you having trouble choosing a sofa that suits your living room space? Especially with small, narrow spaces such as condominiums, townhouses, … The following tips will help you choose beautiful sofa models for the small living room to shine shimmering in your home space.


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Along with the current urbanization trend, there are more and more condominiums and tube houses with small area. With an area of ​​about 75m2 – 100m2, the space for the living room is only 20m2 or less. How to arrange the interior becomes quite difficult.

Besides, the sofa table is considered the soul of the living room. The first thing that leaves an impression on everyone is that the sofa takes up a large part of your living room space. Therefore, although the area is limited, a beautiful and suitable sofa will upgrade your room by surprise. If you know how to combine other furniture and decoration, the living room is beautiful and classy.


It is never easy to decorate, arrange the position, direction, as well as choose the size, style, and color of the sofa to suit a living room with limited space.

Sofa location: If the living room is separate from the kitchen and other space, you have more sofa placement options. Should choose small corner sofas, placed close to the wall in the corner of the dining house, while optimizing the space without getting lost in the living room, with enough space to sit and receive guests.

And if your living room is attached to other functional rooms like most of today’s small-area apartment designs, the sofa-couch is the most suitable. It is also advisable to place the sofa close to the large wall of the living room, while looking more neatly without getting in the way.

Your house has many people who often have visitors, placing 1-2 extra small sofas to add seats, when not in use can be folded back into the corner is also very convenient.

Sofa direction: This is quite important in the interior layout steps of the living room. Many careful people also seek the advice of feng-shui experts to get the best direction for their destiny. With many years of experience in the industry, Viet products suggests: placing the sofa should not face the main door, so it should be deviated or if force majeure should have a screen separating the space between the sofa table and the main door. Some prosperous directions that experts recommend: northeast direction, main direction East, main direction west and south.

Some other notes:

Sofa designs should be selected: sofa sofa or corner sofa L compact, simple design.

Sofa set colors should be bright, in harmony with the overall color of the room and other furniture.

Should choose sofa models with chair legs, creating a sense of ventilation for the room. The backrest should not be too high, a little lower will be more harmonious in narrow spaces.

Viet Products Team.

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